Muskie of the Ages, 2013

The Muskie, or Muskellunge, is that elusive, prehistoric catch of the year every angler vies for in the cold northern lake waters.

But to commemorate that fantastic catch, no one wants a smelly old fish mount and a standard mount replica is maybe a little boring so I decided to take it a step further. From head to tail, a gradual degradation occurs so that the head is perfectly detailed (including sharp teeth!) but about midway down the body the flesh starts to break up revealing the skeleton beneath until the tip of the tail is nothing but bones.

This sculpture has been named "Muskie of the Ages' and has been designed to mount on a wall. It features detailed gills, teeth, an accurate skeletal composition and glass eyes. Mounted on a slab of wood left with rough cut texturing.

This piece measures 45" long by 15" tall by 15" deep.



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